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Metaltis is a shipping component manufacturer that sells its products in countries such as Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. The company has its own retail shops and warehouses in Belgium, as well as an online shop.
Metaltis has been unable for quite some time to increase revenue and maintain the desired profitability in its online shop, which has been losing out to retail outlets. The company was aiming to grow these numbers.
The initial goal was to double revenue in two months and reach a ROAS of 450%. The next target was 50 sales a day by the third month of operation.
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The Challenge
Google Shopping
Strategy & Implementation
In any online shop, you always need to analyse the data carefully and meticulously. This is why we have divided our work into four stages.
We analysed all product segments and identified the main product groups that generate about 60% of total revenue. These groups were the focus of the campaign. The client already had search campaigns in Google Ads and Google Shopping campaigns running, but most of them were not segmented correctly. The first shopping campaign covered all the products in the shop. Priority products were not highlighted in search and in separate ad campaigns.

Product analysis
The sales and search campaigns used a "Targeted ROAS" strategy that was misaligned. Because of this, the company had a significantly lower revenue and could not reach a ROAS of 450%. At the same time, the Smart Shopping Campaign was generating the bulk of the revenue.
analysis of optimization strategies
We segmented audiences by average bill and by individual regions. We prioritised the regions where customers made the biggest checks: France and Belgium. We took into account that first-time buyers always take small batches of goods. Therefore, to understand which audience gave the biggest checks, from which advertising campaigns and in what period, we conducted a cohort analysis.

Customers from countries such as France often made test purchases on small checks in the first month, and at the end of the first month or in the second month, when they had already seen the quality product and were beginning to trust the company, made a purchase on a large check (more than €1,500). Initially, Metaltis missed this point and switched off many advertising campaigns that did not immediately yield high profitability. A report in multichannel sequences also showed that big-check purchases are made one month after the first interaction.
Audience analysis
At the very end, we analysed the keywords in the search campaigns that produced the highest results over the last year. We also separately analysed the keywords that produced the least or no results. About 65% of the keywords were simply unprofitable or drained the advertising budget. Branded keywords were used together with other keywords in the same advertising campaign.
Keyword Analysis
When the full picture was formed and an understanding of what gives the best results was formed, we set about implementing it.
We began by creating a new account structure: we put branded queries into a separate search campaign. For each product category and priority subcategories, we created separate search and smart sales campaigns.
We allocated most of the advertising budget to campaigns with the products that brought in the biggest results, targeting France and Belgium.
To increase coverage, we additionally set up dynamic search campaigns under priority and non-priority.
In working with the rate optimisation strategy, we first reduced the target return on advertising investment from 900% to 600%, then to 500%, which resulted in an increase in revenue and a target ROAS of 450%.
Then we gradually began to build up the budget on priority campaigns. In the third month of work, we created individual product feeds and launched Performance Max campaigns for priority product groups.
After 2 months of work, it was possible to increase revenue
by 2.8 times and make ROAS 490%.
After 3 months of work, it was possible to reach 55 orders per day while maintaining ROAS at 450%.
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