GIX - Generate. Improve. eXperience

We create a system flow of leads for small and medium-sized businesses

What will we do
Scale the result and increase your income
Set up ads
Determine advertising promotion channels
Attract leads and reduce their cost
Analyze competitors
GIX in numbers
customers come to us on recommendation
projects launched and scaled
times the income of our clients increased in 2020
years of experience in the markets of Ukraine, Canada, UAE, Spain and Poland
Expertise confirmation
Team GIX:
Pavlo Trofimov
  • 6 years in digital marketing
  • Brought customers 3.5 million net profit
  • Creates a strategy for each project
Oksana Kharitonova
  • 6 years in Google Ads advertising
  • Can manage a budget of over $50,000
Artur Rybachuk
  • 5 years in digital marketing
  • Makes record ROI
  • Monitors the implementation of KPIs on each project
Mikhailova Anna
  • Web Designer
  • 4 years in digital marketing
  • Makes the brightest and most selling designs
Ilya Kharitonov
  • 2 years in traffic arbitrage and digital marketing.
  • Knows how to bypass any blocking of advertising systems.
  • Knows how to quickly scale advertising campaigns.
Set up and optimize advertising for your company
to achieve goals as quickly as possible
on popular social networks Facebook and Instagram
Targeted advertising
Consulting and training
promotion with Google Shopping
Ads in Merchant Center
collection and analysis of information about visitors
Web analytics
targeting and launching video campaigns
Advertising on YouTube
on the search and display network
Contextual advertising
How we will work with you:
Scale the result
Optimize the advertising budget
Create a strategy
Launch and test ads
We will audit and analyze current performance
Discuss and agree on goals
and only then make a decision on cooperation
Get a free audit
Achievements of our clients
Advertising budget: 48472,92$
Cooperation time: 20 months
Number of leads: 35397.
Lead cost: 1,36$
course from Valentin Stanishevsky
Sales course with Olx
Advertising budget: 8050,44$
Number of leads: 2856
Lead cost: 2,81$
Cooperation time: 31 months
coworking and office rental in Kyiv
Hub 4.0
Advertising budget: 1912,81$
Number of leads: 312.
Lead cost: 6,13$
Cooperation time: 6 months
real estate developer in Rivne
Grupa Smart
Average check: 950€
Advertising budget: 15553€
Number of leads: 579.
Lead cost: 26,86€
Cooperation time: 6 months
four star hotel in Spain
Sol de Javea
Advertising budget: 193679,62$
Number of leads: 39025.
Lead cost: 4,96$
Cooperation time: 18 months
laser medicine clinic in Kyiv
Advertising budget: 5082,55 $
Number of leads: 109
Lead cost: 46,62$
1 contract for the development of a biogas complex with an average bill of 3,000,000€
Cooperation time: 9 months
a full-cycle development company operating in the field of renewable energy
What clients say about us
What is the cost of services?
Each application is evaluated individually. Advertising setup from $500, support from $500.
What advertising budget do you start with?
Budget starts at $500.
How long does it take to set up an ad?
We set up advertising from 3 to 15 working days.
How long do you conduct follow-up?
Support is provided every month.
What is your payment method?
Payment is accepted in any form convenient for you.
Where are you?
The whole team works remotely, but we will be happy to meet anywhere in Kyiv
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